Saturday, 4 August 2012

Data Types in C

  • Data:-
                  The values given to the program to perform various operations on it, is referred to as data.

  • Types of Data in C:-

                          The data type defines the set of values and a set of operations that can be performed on those values. The data is given to the program as input. The data is processed according to the program instructions and output is returned.
                                 In program designing, the data and its types are defined before designing the actual program used to process the data. The values or data used in a program may be of different types. In a C program, each variable is associated with a specific data type.
                       C language provides standard data types. A standard data type is one of that is predefined in the language.

  • For Example:-

  1. int
  2. float
  3. double
  4. char
C language also allows the user to define its own data types known as user defined data types.


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  6. The size of basic data types in c are machine dependent, For example size of an integer data type in a 32 bit computer is 4 bytes whereas size of integer data type in 16 bit computer is 2 bytes. To know the exact size of any data type, we should use sizeof operator in C.

  7. There are four basic data types in C programming language.
    Character (char)
    Integer (int)
    Floating Point (float)
    Double Floating Point (double)